Friday, September 25, 2009

Thoughts on Last Night's Television

Survivor: Samoa: "That was seriously hard-core."

The Office: "Hilarious as usual. (And I thought that was Darryl carrying the dog food too.)"

Community: "Why didn't I know this show was coming out? I (heart) Joel McHale hard. Loved it."

Project Runway: "I thought for sure that it'd be Gordana going home because she'd had two weeks in the bottom for being blah. Apparently, making one horrendous outfit is worse than making a bunch of forgettable outfits. Good to know."

Models of the Runway: "Finally we've gotten rid of Fatma. Jesus H. Christ, I can't believe it took this long."


Sabrina said...

It's all about Glee now... are you watching it?

Literature Crazy said...

Yes and no. (aka, Off and on)