Friday, June 26, 2009

Going Green... Sort Of

It's been mentioned before on this blog that I have aspirations toward living environmentally-friendly. Note that I used the word "aspirations," not necessarily indicative that I always follow through on those hopes and dreams.

For example, I posted a blog a little while back about an environmentally-friendly mobile home that I pined after greatly, but I didn't go out and buy one. But I do participate in easier-to-manage green activities such as recycling (paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and steel) through my city's recycling program at the park. So I'm not a total loss.

So that's where I am--a quasi-environmentally-conscious person without a whole heck of a lot of motivation. Knowing that, what do you think about composting? I'm seriously considering it.

Yesterday I read Design Watcher's blog post about trendy composting units that linked to an article in Apartment Therapy with lots of good little tid-bits about compact composters. I think, for my money, I'm considering that I'd either get one of these two units (neither of which relies on worms for the composting action).

Unit #1 is very cute, but retails for around $300...

...whereas unit #2 isn't quite as aesthetically pleasing, but is far cheaper ($60).

By the by, I mentioned this to my sister last night and she said we should get a wind turbine instead. Then she read this article and changed her mind... we're pretty sure our condo association won't let us install an 80-120 foot tower for our turbine.

So tell me your thoughts. What do you do that's environmentally-minded? Do you think I can pull off the composting? Have any composting tips or tricks for me?

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