Thursday, April 30, 2009

Score One for the Nerds

I am a band nerd through and through; therefore, it is with great pride that I reprint this article.

Girl fights off thugs with marching band baton
"'Moral to this story is don't mess with the marching band girls,' official says

"QUARTZ HILL, Calif. - Don't mess with a marching band girl, especially one armed with a baton.

"A 17-year-old high school marching band student beat up two assailants who tried to mug her as she walked to school in this high desert community about 40 miles north of Los Angeles, sheriff's officials said Tuesday.

"The girl punched one of the men in the nose, kicked the other in the groin and beat both with her large baton before she ran away on Friday morning, officials said.

"'The moral to this story is don't mess with the marching band girls, or you just might get what you deserve,' said Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Michael Rust.

"He said two men approached the girl from behind, grabbed her coat and demanded oney. Deputies searched near Quartz Hill High School for the muggers, looking for a man who was holding his bloodied nose and the other limping.

"No arrests have been made, but Rust said it appears the girl made her point to her assailants.

"'Final score: Marching band 2, thugs 0,' Rust quipped."
Does anybody else get the impression that Rust was probably a meat-head jock in high school?


Sabrina said...

She lives!!!

I was a choir person myself. Stayed away from the band kids! They were trouble! :)

How have you been long lost blog sister from another mister!

Heather said...

I have been as good as one can be when they've been separated from you. I take my last finals next Tuesday, and should be back in full force at that time.