Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Romance for the Unromantic

I'm not really a "romantic" person... I think a lot of romantic gestures are just that (gestures that aren't supported by actual commitment, thereby meaningless). I find Valentine's Day to be a sham (and don't get me started on Sweetest Day... aka, Hallmark Card Day), and don't really like the idea of people celebrating their love on anniversaries and then treating each other like garbage the rest of the year. Do I sound cynical? It's not meant to be.

Instead, I wanted to direct you to this article that MSN had posted on Valentine's Day, "Is This What Romance Looks Like?" This is six writers sharing their personal stories of romance. Seriously, check it out... the first one was super special (loved it, LOVED IT), and the rest were really good too.

Read the stories and tell me which was your fave.

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Sabrina said...

I loved Cream and Sugar.
Something so simple and sweet about leaving notes for the ones you love. Maybe because that is something I love doing and love getting in return.