Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate is Yummy

I love chocolate as much as the next girl. Truth be told, I had a large bowl of chocolate-covered peanut clusters for lunch today (with a Diet Coke, natch). Anyway, I've been incredibly creeped out by the new commercials for Axe Dark Temptation (the ones with the "Chocolate Man"). It's just gross to me.

Anyway, I turned myself into a "Chocolate Woman" via Axe's Chocolatize Me application on Facebook. Turn yourself into something tasty and post a link so I can see you (and want to eat you up).


Sabrina said...

That is awesome!!! It reminds of Hans Solo in Carbonite!!!!

Jenni said...

i just want to eat you up. :-)

Long time, no talk. I am not on here very often. I am trying to find balance in my life... sorely lacking right now. But I hope life is good, and I hate to lose touch.

Today I am on because I am tagging you. Don't hate me; you're like one of 2 people I know on here. :-)


Jenni said...

ummm... ignore that link. I have no idea what I'm doing. Just check out my 2/14 blog if you want to know what being tagged means.