Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reborn Babies Are Creepy

If I were to tell you that the baby pictured above isn't real (it is a doll, called a "reborn" baby), would you be creeped out by that? No, not so much? Okay. Are you creeped out by this picture of the reborn parts prior to assembly?

Still not even the littlest bit squeamish? Wow, you've got a stronger constitution than I do. How about this picture of a woman "watching over" her reborn baby... that one has to be a little bit creepy to you, right?
I used to collect porcelain dolls when I was younger, but this just strikes me as a little "off." Am I the only one that thinks these reborn babies are creepy?


K and/or K said...

What?!?!? This is obsurd! Ish.

So I was thinking, since you are quantitatively taking over the bloggosphere, I think you should start one called. "What was he/she wearing?"

Heather said...

Ask, and you shall receive. Check it out at

K and/or K said...

what if i just sent you a picture of what i was wearing every day? would you have second thoughts about this idea?

Sabrina said...

I just had the same thought as kelly... Maybe i will just send you pics of what i was wearing. blech!

Heather said...

You guys can't possibly be dressed badly... you're far to cool for that.

The Reader's Quill said...

ALMOST as creepy as Renesmee. Perhaps that should be Emmett's next gift to her for xmas since she's so baby hungry!