Friday, October 17, 2008

Cleaning My Camera

Well, I needed to clean some pictures off my digital camera (that's my version of seasonal cleaning because I'm lazy). I'm posting them here so that they'll be preserved for posterity (and I don't have to waste my storage space). I present, A (Limited) Summer Retrospective...

My nephew and I in the village of Nashville, Indiana, where we shopped and saw a (very small) classic car show.

My nephew, step-mom, and dad at Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati, OH) where we watched the Cardinals destroy the Reds. This was an early birthday present for my nephew.

My dad and I at Victory Field (Indianapolis, IN) where we saw the Indians lose a squeaker in their final home game of the season. This was my dad's birthday and we celebrated with cake afterward and the city hosted their annual Sky Concert fireworks show that night, which we watched from the ball park. [I'm not sure why my top lip disappeared in this picture, but don't worry because it has returned to my face.]

Summer was great... bring on fall!

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Sabrina said...

Awww cute... its nice to see pics of you... now you are a real live person to me. Before i thought you were a computer generated robot.