Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Re-Post: South Carolina Loves Unwed Mothers

This post was originally put on the now defunct "What Was I Thinking?" blog on September 3, 2008. Reposted here for your enjoyment.

I'm not an overly-political person, registered as an independent and falling somewhere between conservative democrats and liberal republicans. This weekend I read an article in Relevant Magazine that helped me be 99% sure of who I would be voting for this November.

None the less, I thought I needed to share this with you all. This morning on NPR I heard a story titled, "South Carolina Evangelicals Upbeat About Palin." The best quote from this report is:

"This group is totally upbeat, even about the teenage pregnancy in the Palin family."

I think the reporter might be slightly misrepresenting the South Carolina delegates--are they excited about the teenage pregnancy or merely unruffled by the news?

The second-best quote in this report is:

"Maryanne Riley is from Spartanburg. I asked her about the party's position on abstinence. 'This was one of the first things I thought about too. Is here we are talking about family values, and abstinence, and all this, but kids are going to be kids no matter what. Once you're out of sight, we're in love, you're going to do all of these things, so this is just the times right now. In fact, more people can probably identify with her than not.'"

Granted, Maryanne Riley is not the official spokesperson for the GOP, John McCain, or the RNC; however, if you know that most kids "will be kids" when they get away from their parents and experimenting sexually is just "part of the times right now," then is abstinence education the best option? I'm not advocating for or against the policy, just wondering if the delegates who are at the convention, representing the American people have thought through the issues in depth.

On a side note, Kirsten Dunst is an idiot who also doesn't understand the civic duty that is inherent in responsible voting. Check out this snarky bit about her idiocy... she shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Post in the comments and answer this question: "What celebrities do you think are idiots and shouldn't have the right to vote?"

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