Friday, September 26, 2008

Expanding the Orbit of My Blog

So, today, Sebrina over at Superfluous Blog (a fine and fancy blog worth checking out) gave my little blog family a shout-out. Granted, this pimping of my blog comes at the expense of her livelihood, but I don't see that as a big price to pay in the pursuit of my glory.

This one little bit of fame has gone to my head. I want to know how I can get bigger and better. How can I get to be listed as one of Bloggers' "Blogs of Note." Seriously, I don't know how they pick their top-tier blogs. Here are the last five Blogs of Note they have had:
  • Rosanna Tabletalk - "Rosanna Bowles, International Fashion Tableware Designer on Dishes, Dining, and Delight in Life." I'm not going to lie, this woman has some nice photos on her blogs of some crackin' table settings. Maybe that's what I need... more photos.
  • The Longstockings - "For the Love of Pippi (And All Things Children's Books)." They've got a group blog vibe going on... perhaps I should invite guest bloggers to join me.
  • Civic Center - "San Francisco As Seen Through the Civic Center Neighborhood: It's Politics, Arts, and Characters." Maybe I need more local flavor on my blog... wait, I live in Indianapolis, so that would be a no on that one.
  • Homesick Texan - An outlet for a homesick Texan to post photographs and recipies. Maybe I need to incorporate food into my blog... although I don't cook and eat at Qdoba Mexican Grill at least four nights per week.
  • Parkway Blog - "This blog is part of the ongoing work of public education and advocacy around public policy issues that may be related to the Parkway and the adjacent communites along the American River in Sacramento, California." I seriously can't compete with that.
  • Blogfish - "Fish, Oceans, Conservation." Do I need a cause?

Check out the poll on the right-hand side of this blog and tell me what I can do to "Pimp My Blog." If you've got another idea, please drop it into comment form.


Sabrina said...

Glad to make your ego explode.

I collect Rosanna pieces. I can see why it was picked. Love that stuff!

Heather said...

Shoot... now I'm going to have put in the effort to develop a product line of some sort to woo in more readers with brand loyalty. I'm thinking a line of flip flops for those who don't live in tropical climates that can be worn in winter is the way to go. I would totally buy that.