Monday, January 11, 2010

Loving What You're Living

The topic du jour (or more aptly, it would seem, the topic du MY LIFE) is job satisfaction (or more aptly, it would see, life satisfaction). This seems to be popping up all over the place in my subconscious these days.

For example, I went on a little road trip (that was mega, mega fun) with a friend from college (who is actually more of a friend now than when we were at school... a definite shame that we missed out on so many good times). Anyhoodle, while we were tripping along, we were discussing the state of our lives--love lives to be specific, or lack of love lives to be brutally honest. We philosophized and sympathized and the thing I came away with was that this season of singleness in my life (which has been the cornerstone of my knowledgeable existence) is not, in fact, bad. I haven't (necessarily) done anything wrong, I'm not being punished, it's not as if I'm not deserving of a masculine mate. Rather, it's a chance to reflect on me--on Heather--on the wholeness of who I am and what really constitutes my identity. Not that I am just the other (much prettier) half of a couple, but that I am complete by myself because I have an intellect, emotions and will.

To get a little personal on you: I see my identity as being a co-heir with Christ. That's all I need. To pine for a "soul mate" (which isn't something that I even think philosophically exists) is just degrading to the sacrifice of Jesus.

So I was reminded of that.

And then I had a (virtual-ish) friend send an email to a group of people, talking about dissatisfaction with his job. Generalized frustration at the whole ball of wax that makes up his life. And there were responses sent by many in the group, promises of lifting him up in prayer (which I don't necessarily think were empty). But I sent him an email asking him why he was doing a job that he didn't like, and was not using his special "gifts" in another line of work.

And I ask myself that all the time.

How does one keep a balance on both honoring God by using unique attributes/gifts/talents, while also being content in every season, regardless of circumstance? Is it wrong to take a promotion or seek a different line of work? How do you make these decisions (not between good and bad, but between good and something else good)?

Being someone who doesn't believe in a specific will (blame it on the book Decision-Making in the Will of God), it gets to be tricky for me. If I'm within the moral will of God, how are these decisions made?

Then, another subconscious sign: Sabro's blog has a picture to the side that says, "Love What You Live." (Or something like that.) And it brings it up again. Do I love what I do? Do I do what I love?

What tips/tricks/advice do you have for balancing contentment and going for your dreams? Have you read any books or articles that were particularly inspiring? Do you have someone in your life who keeps you grounded while spurring you on to new heights? (If so, have you thanked them lately?)

I'll get us started: Perilous Pursuits by Joe Stowell was a fantastic book (that I need to read again). It went a long way toward getting me off the track of making decisions based on what I felt others wanted me to do. This was an important first step. (But I definitely need to re-read.) Now give me your suggestions in the comments.

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Sabrina said...

I really like this post Heather! Kudos to you for opening up and being so real.
It's an ongoing stuggle for me to really live what I love, and to be content no matter what my situation. My feelings go up and down continually. I have no magical answers... but I think you are on the right track my friend.

(i have not forgotten your cupcakes!)

Literature Crazy said...

I LOVE cupcakes... and I often DO eat cupcakes. That's a suggestion you can take to the bank.