Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy for Gossip Girl

I have found the most amazing article about Gossip Girl fan-dom. Don't believe me that it's the most amazing article ever? Check out this snippet:
"What do you do if you're a former fashion writer serving 18-to-life in prison for drugging, and sexually assaulting a former colleague of yours for 13 hours one crazy Halloween? Write lengthy missives to the New York Post, obviously.

"Because, you know, they will publish them! Or selections from them anyway. No one wants to transcribe all seven handwritten pages of crazy.

"Yes, Peter Braunstein, Woman's Wear Daily writer turned lunatic fugitive turned suicidal inmate, loves Gossip Girl. Why wouldn't he?"
And you thought your obsession was too much...

My favorite line from Monday's episode: "For some of us a college degree is an accessory. Like a Malawi baby or a Poodle." -Chuck Bass(tastic)

Also, one last thing regarding Gossip Girl: I'm loving this season of Gawker's recapping style (i.e., the Power Rankings).

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Sabrina said...

I would've LOVED to watch GG on Monday... but the stupid station froze!!! I missed the whole thing. NOT HAPPY!!!!

Literature Crazy said...

Dude, not cool of your TV provider. It was super good (even without having seen the season premiere).