Friday, August 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never, Right?

I know (I know, I know) I've been really lax about updating the blog. (It's only been two weeks... not so bad, right?) And the unfortunate part is that I really do have stuff to write about because the television season (for my tastes) are in full bloom. But never fear, I'll get you all caught up lickity split.

Reality Television

Big Brother 11
Ah, Jessie, you silly, silly, self-indulgent freak. I thought I'd get the opportunity to say, "Sorry, we won't really miss you," after you were ousted by Jeff using the "wizard power," but that wouldn't have been true because you're mugging is too good to be true and the BB producers are going to bless us with your jury house antics from here on out. Really, I know you want to be a WWE superstar, but lose the star-studded hot pink tights. (And here's a tip when picking out future costumes: If it's likely to match Lydia's hair color, then you know you've selected the wrong outfit.)

Now, on to Jeff, my imaginary reality TV show boyfriend. Honestly, if Jeff didn't smoke (and didn't say phrases like "You got, got" repeatedly), he'd be my official dreamboat. I even liked his little "I'm trying to make [Jordan] a better person," speech on last night's HOH interview. Sure, he stumbled through it (and I think he realized that he should have said, "Make her a better player," instead), but he was so flustered and admitted that he needed to work on not snipping at her so much. Love that guy.

I don't know how, with the huge cast of bizarros that were cast this season (and the fact that some of the best of them--ahem, Casey--were voted out early), but I have loved BB 11. Every season I think, "I'm done with this show, these people are nuts-o," but they always get me back.
Top Chef: Las Vegas
Two words for you: Voltaggio Brothers. I prefer the younger one, Michael, and my sister favors the older one, Bryan, but that's what I love about the VolBros... something for everyone. One loves big racks and the other's a family man. One's good under pressure and delivers in the Quick Fire, the other's slow and steady and wins the Elimination Challenge. These two are pitch perfect. Love them.

I've been (surprisingly) in tune with the judges opinions. They're really weeding out the chaff early this season and not penalizing the upper-crust chefs for early mis-steps. I think that Preeti and Jesse are not long for the Top Chef world--too many times in the bottom at Judges Panel (or a total inability to shuck a clam)--and we'll see them go home shortly. I also would put a little money on the fact that Ron and Hector don't have long-term staying power because they can't shake those ethnic roots enough--their range is too limited for the competition of Top Chef--but we'll see. That's the beauty of reality TV.
Project Runway
Ah, Tim Gunn, how I've missed you. But I do have a question, Timmy: What really does being CCO at Liz Claibourne entail? I'm just wondering because you've transported across the country for nearly four months and still have that title. Even Nina Garcia moved from Elle to Marie Claire--maybe that was for un-relocation reasons, but I'm just saying...

Also, in a note similar to my comments on the early episodes of Top Chef: Las Vegas, I don't think the judges have been too far off. I also think that the level of competition is pretty stiff this season. They've weeded out Ari's out-of-this-galaxy-weirdness, and Malvin's out-of-this-world-weirdness (He actually said there wasn't a vocabulary to describe his designs. Who does that?), and it looks like Mitchell's out-of-this-sewing-room-lack-of-ability is going to come to a quick close, but the others look pretty solid. But, I'm just going on the record: if they don't put a cork in Johnny's I'm-a-recovering-meth-addict schtick, then I'm over it.

By the by, Models of the Runway might be the best thing ever. Love it.
It's coming back on September 17. My DVR is already set-up to record. Yea!
Serialized Programming

Have I told you how much I love a Turtle-related storyline? I have? Oh, well good, then you already know how seriously stoked I am about the awesomeness of this season with it's focus on all things not-Vince-related. Keep the good episodes coming, Marky Mark and the Entourage Funky Bunch.
Mad Men
I am not looking forward to the (spoiler alert) storyline with Little Miss Sally Draper getting molested by Big Papa Hofstadt. Call me incest-and-molestation shy, if you will, but I wouldn't mind not watching that.

What I do love watching: Cosgrove v. Campbell. I love me some happy-go-lucky Ken Cosgrove and I hate me some slimy Pete Campbell.

And I always love Joan. (Especially Joan v. Mr. Hooker.)
Sons of Anarchy
It's coming back on September 8. My DVR is already set-up to record. Yea!
What awesome TV-related thoughts do you have to share?

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