Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Goodies To Share

Very Short List has been rocking my world recently and I'd like to share some of their relatively recent content so I can rock your world.

Check out Nathan Kensinger's Photography at his blog. He takes pictures of the "real" New York and posts two photo essays each month that he describes as "the abandoned and industrial edges of New York." The current essay (that just went up today) is this one:

"A forgotten two mile stretch of Manhattan waterfront property sits at the edge of industrial Inwood. Mostly hidden from sight behind chainlink fences and razorwire, this section of the Harlem River is surprisingly accessible. From the Broadway Bridge to Swindler Cove, the riverbanks are riddled with hidden beaches, pocket parks, fishing holes, crumbling piers. forgotten inlets, and abandoned boathouses. These hidden spaces border a maze of MTA railyards, Sanitation buildings and bus depots.

"The Harlem River tidal straight connects the Hudson River and the East River. Eight miles long, it is spanned by 15 bridges, most of which connect Manhattan to the Bronx. Its waters are navigated by New York's famed Circle Line and are bordered by busy transportation routes like the Harlem River Drive, the Major Deegan Expressway and the Metro-North Railway.

"Yet despite supporting this huge amount of daily traffic, the Harlem River was dubbed 'New York’s Forgotten Waterfront' by the Columbia University historic preservation program. Their 2004 report states that 'while the Hudson and East Rivers are commonly recognized for the grandeur of their scenery and structures, the Harlem River figures less prominently in the collective consciousness of New Yorkers.' The report goes on say that 'as other parts of Manhattan’s waterfront become increasingly homogenized... The Harlem River... remains a heterogeneous stretch of old industrial buildings, parks infrastructure and residential developments.'"
There are tons more great photos on the site... check it out.

Another great find was the movie Adam starring Hugh Dancey and Rose Byrne. Dancey, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, and Byrne, who suffers from chronic bad relationships, are neighbors and start to develop a relationship over and above their personal struggles. One line of dialogue that VSL points out, when Byrne brings Dancey a box of chocolates, is, "I'm not Forrest Gump, you know."

[If you're reading this via email, click here to view the trailer.]

What goodies have you discovered recently?

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Sabrina said...

My goodies, my goodies...
I have been so out of the loop on everything. But once I go back to work, I will indeed go back to reality!