Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Many Sad Things

It's a day of sadness on so many levels...

TV legend Ed McMahon died earlier today. (Raise your hand and admit if you thought he was already dead.)

Jon & Kate (of Jon & Kate Plus 8) are separating. Watch the video and tell me which is more sad:
1. These eight lovely children are going to suffer through watching their parents divorce;
2. Jon wears large "diamond" earrings in both ears and doesn't even come close to pulling it off; or
3. Kate things "agreeance" is a word.

But, perhaps, the most sad thing to happen in world news today was the shocking revelation that there is an 18-year-old girl who actually thought her dad was stupid enough to believe her lie that she fell asleep during a tattoo procedure. As somebody who's got some tattoos--you don't fall asleep. Ever.

Sadness all around today.


Sabrina said...

Yes! All very sad things... but the saddest thing of all is Kate's Hair.

Heather said...

She's trying to channel Posh Spice, isn't she?