Friday, February 6, 2009

Make Your Job More Enjoyable

MSN is running a story today about how to make your job more enjoyable by getting your groove on at work, and I've distilled down the best tips for you. (Well, actually, they did, but I've recopied the gist here for you).

Listen responsibly. If you like to listen to music at work, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use headphones if you share an office.
  • If you have enough personal space to use external speakers, make sure the sound doesn't carry into other people's workspaces.
  • Keep the volume low enough to hear if your phone rings or someone calls your name.
  • If you use speakers, remember to pause the music when talking on the phone.
  • Don't sing aloud. In all likelihood, you're a bigger fan of your voice than your co-workers are.
  • Keep the dance moves to a minimum.

Now I'm going to type this into an email and blast it around to my officemates as an FYI with a note that their ability to adhere to these guidelines will be reflected in their next annual review.


Alea said...

I think I'm following these rules pretty well! Good to know :P

Sabrina said...

I BLAST my Boombox in the Media Center!
actually i keep my to a nice quiet level. Now my dance moves... those are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!