Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Non-Novel Posts

Today is apparently the day for me to jack the unique ideas of others and pass them around, at least that seems to be the trend I'm picking up based on my posts on the "What Was I Listening To?" and "What Was I Reading?" blogs.

In that spirit, I'd like to bring you the unique art stylings of Chicago-based elementary school teacher Brian Graves. As reported on the great blog designWatcher.com, Graves began his work as a unique fusion of his love of literature and art, an expression of the impact of teachers, students, words, and speech on a community.

Above is a picture of the Nettlehorst Door Project (a painting that serves as part of the facade of Nettlehorst Elementary School in Chicago). Below is a close-up of said door.

That's pretty boss, eh? I'm wondering if some of his art can't be integrated into my living space which is (somewhat) designed as an homage to literature. Now you're all wondering what said living room looks like, aren't you?

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Brian said...

Hey its Brian Graves! Thanks for your wonderful comments...email me about art in your living room.