Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Re-Post: France is Full of Bull

This post was originally put on the now defunct "What Was I Thinking?" blog on July 23, 2008. Reposted here for your enjoyment.

So, there's an awesome blog (Paris Daily Photo) that I check out on my feed reader. Today's post was about how the nation of France wants to ban the drink Red Bull because it contains an acid, derived from bull tissue, that has unknown effects on humans. I think this is awesome for a couple of reasons...

1. What is the deal with France? Aren't there bigger issues to deal with in the country? If no, then things are good in France and I'm going to be putting in for a transfer to this utopia post-haste.

2. Can you imagine the results of this study? Seriously, they're likely going to find that consuming copious amounts of Red Bull over an extended period of time leads to cancer or something. Next thing you know, all of "Young, Hot Hollywood" is going to develop cancer.

Red Bull is going to single-handedly cripple the entertainment industry of the United States because celebrities seem to exist on a diet of Red Bull and cigarettes. Kudos to Red Bull!

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