Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quote of the Day

I was watching television this morning (kind of a rarity for me), and was unlucky enough to catch a segment on The Today Show where Matt Lauer was giving somebody a pretty good pounding regarding the House's rejection of the Bailout Package Bill. Below is what was said:

Congressman Clyburn (D-OH, Majority Whip): We promised 50% of our conference, they promised 50% of their conference. We produced 60%, and they produced 33%.
Lauer: Yeah, but in fairness Congressman Clyburn, the Speaker of the House couldn't even produce 50% of the Democratic Delegation from her own state.
Congressman Clyburn: Well, that may be true, but zero from Arizona voted for this and it seems as if the Presidential candidate McCain came in, and he said he brought everybody to the table, but if you check, Matt, you will see that not a single Representative from Arizona voted for this legislation. So here is what we have to do going forward: I think it is time to set aside blaming, set aside all of this extraneous stuff like a speech that may have been delivered on the floor of the House. It's amazing to me that we can be so sophomoric to believe that a politician would not give a political speech.
Lauer: Well, Congressman Clyburn, let me ask this. You say we should set aside blaming right after you talked about the Arizona situation where they didn't vote... Do you understand why people in the country might say, 'A pox on all their houses.'? We've got these partisan speeches and then news conferences after the vote pointing fingers; that's not what's required here.
Congressman Clyburn: If you are going to sit there and solve this problem as adults, I don't think adults would be blaming a speech on the floor of the House. Now, to me, the country comes first. Senator McCain has been saying that all year, and now I believe it is necessary for us to put the country first, and you do that by sitting down in a mature way, coming up with legislation (as we did), and you deliver the votes you promised. Now, they did not keep their promise on the other side. We kept our promise and did better than we said we were going to do.

Those poor people in Ohio, they have a mentally retarded person representing their interests in Washington. He says you're not allowed to blame or point fingers, unless fingers are pointing at the Republicans who didn't deliver on their promise of 50%. Talk about sophomoric...

I hold no great hope of Washington figuring anything about this out. [At the bottom of this post I've put in the video so you can hear the comments from Senator Price, a nice juxtaposition to the special needs Representative from Ohio, and you can make sure I didn't misquote anybody.]

On to something that does give me hope:

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